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Lydia Jele provisional suspended.

After dilly-dally with information, concerning Botswana's 400 metre runner, Lydia Jele doping saga, Botswana National Olympic Committee(BNOC) has finally admitted that the athletes was provisional suspended.

Answering a question from the media, during BNOC press brief, the organisation Chief Executive Officer, Tuelo Serufho said the athlete was provisional suspended from athletics because her sample that was taken, was found to contain banned substances.

The athlete, he said was given the opportunity to state whether she wanted to exercise her right to have the B-sample test.

'By the way when urine sample are taken from athletes, they put them in two separate containers labelled sample A and B. So usually the initial test would be conducted on sample A and it returns an Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF), then the athlete is given the opportunity to be given another opportunity to say whether she wants sample B to be tested,' he said.

Serufho said in the case of Jele, she was given that opportunity but decided to waive the testing of sample B.

As it stands, he said, the athlete was awaiting to hear from the doping authorities as to what the next cause of action was.

'But as I said, she is provisional suspended, until such a time the ruling is made with respect to her case, but the chances of sample B being different to sample A are very slim. Usually 99.9 per-cent of the times, sample B would collaborate sample A,' he said.

Serufho said the collaboration was normally necessitated by the fact that it was one urine collected from the athlete, then they split it into two containers.

He however said as the BNOC, they await the outcome of the investigations, adding that as an organisation they were worried at the rate at which their athletes return AAF.

'My worry is that the trend that we seem to observe, is that athletes who test positive, are those that have received education and constantly tested, and we get to wonder as to what could be happening,'

Furthermore, he said what was disappointing was, that the BNOC National Anti-Doping Office (NADO) visit the camps of national teams and educate them about anti-doping, and even test some of them.

Surprisingly, it was the same athletes that had received education returning AAF, he however said they would still continue to ensure that they educate their athletes.

Meanwhile Jele is amongst the nine athletes who had attained Tokyo 2020, Olympic scholarship, but Serufho said if she was found guilty after investigations she would forfeit the scholarship.

IOC, he said does not sponsor athletes with the current or previous doping case, adding that unfortunately BNOC would not be allowed to replace her slot but to redistribute her money to current scholarship holders .

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Publication:Botswana Daily News (Gaborone, Botswana)
Date:Jan 18, 2018
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