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Lyc-O-Beta Intense & BetaCote Intense.

LycoRed Ltd. has developed beta-carotene colorant formulations, Lyc-O-Beta Intense and BetaCote Intense, which are designed to deliver increased color intensity and allow for lower colorant usage. Compared to other technologies, these colors are resistant to fading that can occur as a result of pasteurization and other stressful processes.

The new colorants are highly soluble and are available in concentrated liquid form for user-friendly processing and production. They are non-foaming and avoid clumping issues common to some powdered colorant formats, making them ideal for use in ready-to-drink beverages.

Available in both natural and nature-identical sources, the colorants are vegetarian, kosher, halal and certified free of any allergenic ingredients. These colorants are also free of DCM (dichloromethane), a common ingredient found in beta-carotene powder products. For more information:
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Title Annotation:Suppliers Corner
Publication:Nutraceuticals World
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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