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Luz Bones.

Myrna Stone; LUZ BONES; Etruscan Press (Nonfiction: Poetry) 16.95 ISBN: 9780997745511

Byline: Matt Sutherland

Myrna Stone's depth of historical knowledge and talent for storytelling should not in any way suggest that her technical skills don't reach the paygrade of poetry's big leagues, far from it. Wherefore art thou wherewithal to learn, listen, and savor? God help the inattentive reader. An Ohioan, Stone has five other collections in circulation and counts Poetry, The Southwest Review, Quarterly West, and numerous other journals as friends of her work.

The Anatomist, Dr. Antonio Maria Valsalva, Converses with His Young Bride Over Supper

Bologna, Italy, 1709

My initial foray into human terrain was spawned, Elena, by my father's ear out of which quite often flowed a strain of viscous pus-filled fluid. Yes, my dear,

of course I tasted it, for I fathomed even then that physicians should use every sense in their diagnostics. Yet imagine the sour tingling on my tongue no slurry

of oak bark blunted until the day grew late . Yes, yes, I see . You now aim to prevent my testing any cadaver's glue if I wish to kiss you? How shall I claim

cures for the living with such a constriction? Are you ill, wife? -- or having a tantrum?

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Author:Sutherland, Matt
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 9, 2017
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