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VERLASSO SALMON HAS TEAMED WITH ACME SMOKED FISH CO., based in Brooklyn. N.Y. to introduce Verlasso Smoked Salmon Brought To You Exclusively By Blue Hill Bay. According to Verlasso officials, the product is a richer, leaner fish than traditional farm-raised smoked salmon.

Verlasso, based in Miami, raises its salmon in low-density pens in Patagonia off the coast of Chile using farming practices radically different than traditional methods, say company officials. "Because our pens are less dense the fish have more room to exercise and end up being quite different as a result," says Scott Nichols, director "Traditionally, farmed salmon have a fat content of 17% to 22% and wild caught salmon have a fat content of about 8%; ours have a fat content of about 11%. That means we have a mouth feel and flavor that is closer to wild than to traditionally farmed salmon."

Nichols says that because the fish swim more in the less crowded pens they have a different flavor "This flavor has worked out very well for us in the smoking process with Acme. When you smoke fish you put salt on it and that brings some of the water out of the filet. When you do this with a Verlasso fish you don't end up with something that is cloyingly fatty. It has a freshness of taste that is evident and continues to provide the high levels of Omega 3 people have come to expect from salmon."

Verlasso Smoked Salmon is available in 3-ounce packages as well as random weight whole sides. Prices are set by distributors. For more information, visit

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Author:Turcsik, Richard
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:May 1, 2013
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