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Occurrence of Isopods in Two Species of Snappers (Lutjanidae) from Northeast Brazil. Alves, Andre M.; Leonardo, Marina G.; Souza, Geza T.R.; Takemoto, Ricardo M.; de Lima, Flavia S.; Ta Report May 31, 2019 4291
Effect of habitat complexity on predator-prey relationships: implications for black mangrove range expansion into northern gulf of Mexico salt marshes. Scheffel, Whitney A.; Heck, Kenneth L., Jr.; Rozas, Lawrence P. Report Apr 1, 2017 6970
Growth and Mortality Parameters of Hairtail Lepturacanthus savala from Pakistan Waters. Memon, Khadim Hussain; Liu, Qun; Kalhoro, Muhsan Ali; Chang, Mohammad Saleem; Baochao, Liao; Memon, Report Jun 30, 2016 6094
Acoustic tagging and monitoring of cultured and wild juvenile crimson jobfish (Pristipomoides filamentosus) in a nursery habitat. Parrish, Frank A.; Hayman, Nicholas T.; Kelley, Christopher; Boland, Raymond C. Report Jul 1, 2015 7545
Establishing species-habitat associations for 4 eteline snappers with the use of a baited stereo-video camera system. Misa, William F.X.E.; Drazen, Jeffrey C.; Kelley, Christopher D.; Moriwake, Virginia N. Report Oct 1, 2013 9908
James's rule and causes and consequences of a latitudinal cline in the demography of John's Snapper (Lutjanus johnii) in coastal waters of Australia. Cappo, Mike; Marriott, Ross J.; Newman, Stephen J. Report Oct 1, 2013 9289
Muttons, as a matter of fact. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 289
Snappers 24/7. Sherman, Alan Aug 1, 2013 1024
Snapper and lobster. Sherman, Alan Jul 1, 2013 798
The spawn is on. Merritt, Kevin Jul 1, 2013 756
Party time yellowtail: the more baits the merrier, when you're targeting these schooling snappers. Weakley, Jeff Jun 1, 2013 1656
Wreckfest. Herum, Al Jun 1, 2013 848
The mutton snapper, yum. Sherman, Alan May 1, 2013 757
Snapper with mushrooms (serves 4). Recipe Mar 22, 2013 287
Costa Rica roosterfish run rampant: sportfishing group strikes a deal with commercial fishers for the Golfo Dulce's sake. Richard, Joe Apr 1, 2011 501
This is no joke. Tentori, Giuseppe Recipe Mar 22, 2011 2189
Big game yellowtailin': a surprising twist on catching the best of the snapper schools. Suroviec, Joe Dec 1, 2010 1691
'Tails you win: tips for tackling yellowtail snapper. Cacaro, Joe Aug 1, 2010 833
Snappy rigs: get with the snapper game plan: circle hooks, chicken rigs, knocker rigs and more. Brown, David A. Jul 1, 2010 815
Red alert. Hall, Buck Jul 1, 2010 988
Variation in the isotopic signatures of juvenile gray snapper (Lutjanus griseus) from five southern Florida regions. Gerard, Trika; Muhling, Barbara Report Jan 1, 2010 4889
Lostmans River runs red. Preeg, John Oct 1, 2009 964
Flag down a snapper. White, Eden Jul 1, 2009 843
The dropback chumbag: sneak tip for catching more yellowtail snapper. Suroviec, Joe May 1, 2009 436
Snappers of all shades: why many of today's anglers are seeing red. Weakley, Jeff May 1, 2009 1505
Biological response to changes in climate patterns: population increases of gray snapper (Lutjanus griseus) in Texas bays and estuaries. Tolan, James M.; Fisher, Mark Report Jan 1, 2009 5544
Red snapper with White Water clams and chorizo stew. Recipe Mar 22, 2008 265
Some like it hot: prepare to please your palate with these piquant peppers. Lyons, Charlotte Recipe Feb 1, 2008 1214
Microsatellite multiplex panels for genetic studies of gray snapper (Lutjanus griseus) and lane snapper (Lutjanus synogris). Renshaw, Mark A.; Saillant, Eric; Lem, Siya; Berry, Philip; Gold, John R. Jul 1, 2007 2677
Population structure and variance effective size of red snapper (Lutianus campechanus) in the northern Gulf of Mexico *. Saillant, Eric; Gold, John R. Jan 1, 2006 9903
Age, growth, mortality, and radiometric age validation of gray snapper (Lutjanus griseus) from Louisiana. Fischer, Andrew J.; Baker, M. Scott, Jr.; Wilson, Charles A.; Nieland, David L. Apr 1, 2005 7725
Preliminary evidence of increased spawning aggregations of mutton snapper (Lutjanus analis) at Riley's Hump two years after establishment of the Tortugas South Ecological Reserve. Burton, Michael L.; Brennan, Kenneth J.; Munoz, Roldan C.; Parker, Richard O., Jr. Apr 1, 2005 4725
Biology of queen snapper (Etelis oculatus: Lutjanidae) in the Caribbean. Gobert, Bertrand; Guillou, Alain; Murray, Peter; Berthou, Patrick; Turcios, Maria D. Oqueli; Lopez, Apr 1, 2005 5480
Historical population dynamics of red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Gold, J. R.; Burridge, C. P. May 1, 2004 4856
Sumptuous. (Date With a Dish). Lyons, Charlotte Aug 1, 2003 1644
The effect of intensive line fishing on the virgin biomass of a tropical deepwater snapper, the crimson jobfish (Pristipomoides filamentosus). Grandcourt, Edwin M. Apr 1, 2003 4814
Fish by-catch dilemmas. (journal extracts). Davidson, Steve Apr 1, 2003 366
Age validation, growth, mortality, and additional population parameters of the goldband snapper (Pristipomoides multidens) off the Kimberley coast of northwestern Australia. Newman, Stephen J.; Dunk, Iain J. Jan 1, 2003 7370
Temporal and spatial dynamics of spawning, settlement, and growth of gray snapper (Lutjanus griseus) from the West Florida shelf as determined from otolith microstructures. Allman, Robert J.; Grimes, Churchill B. Jul 1, 2002 7059
Age and growth of red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus, from an artificial reef area off Alabama in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Patterson, William F., III; Cowan, James H., Jr.; Wilson, Charles A.; Shipp, Robert L. Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 6329
Age and growth of red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus, from the Northern Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana *. Wilson, Charles A.; Nieland, David L. Oct 1, 2001 6561
A True, Fish Story. CRUZ, CATHY S. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 656
Larval development of red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus, and comparisons with co-occurring snapper species. Drass, Denice M.; Bootes, Kevin L.; Lyczkowski-Shultz, Joanne; Comyns, Bruce H.; Holt, G. Joan; Rile Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 14965
Snappy snapper. Wiltz, JoAnne Column Apr 1, 1994 199
Occurrence and behavior of juvenile red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus, on commercial shrimp fishing grounds in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. Workman, Ian K.; Foster, Daniel G. Mar 22, 1994 2135
Biology and management of deepwater snappers of Hawaiian Archipelago. Haight, Wayne R.; Kobayashi, Donald R.; Kawamoto, Kurt E. Mar 22, 1993 6755
Juvenile snapper habitat. Jan 1, 1989 411

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