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Lust for power. (Making waves: Earth Island in the news).

The International Marine Mammal Project's dolphin safe tuna program made the pages of Newsweek in May 2002 giving IMMP publicity described by one Earth Islander as "the kind money can't buy." The article recounts the story of how the dolphin safe label was adopted by the tuna industry and later formed the basis of federal law, now at risk of being gutted (see page 8). The feature began: "This is the unlikely tale of how an obscure San Francisco office of dolphin lovers gained what all activists lust for: real power. Over the last decade, the Earth Island Institute has become a de facto global regulator of the $2 billion-a-year canned-tuna industry." It went on to quote IMMP's Mark Berman as saying: "If one of these major companies cheated, all we would have to do is run a couple of full-page ads, and sales would fall." Though pleased by IMMP'S increased exposure, Mark regretted that the article failed to give adequate credit to Brenda Killian, the founder and Executive Director of IMMP'S worldwide monitoring program.
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Date:Sep 22, 2002
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