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Lusaka warns Luhyas against small parties.

Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has decried the rising number of political parties in the Luhya community ahead of the 2022 elections.

He said instead of the Luhya leaders uniting under one formidable political party, they were busy registering new ones.

Speaking in Sirisia constituency over the weekend, Lusaka regretted that the newly-formed Democratic Alliance Party of Kenya (DAPK), associated with Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa was only out to divide the community.

"Why should we waste electorates' time lecturing them about need of Luhya unity and yet same leaders were busy registering new parties to divide them," wondered Lusaka.

He said leaders should stop their selfish interests and unite under one popular political party.

"It's unfortunate that our leaders want to form political parties with selfish interests and this will not take us anywhere, let us accept to be led also in other major parties," he said.

The speaker said the community will not produce one of their own to ascend to power if they can't do away with village parties and unite under one political party.

"These small parties, which are coming up at such a time, are only out to divide the community a head of the coming elections," he said.

Lusaka, who was accompanied by area MP John Waluke, asked local leaders to focus on the elusive Luhya unity but not divide them by forming new parties.

The speaker also called on governors to stop profiling their workers on the basis of political affiliation.

He regretted that some county bosses were mistreating their workers on the excuse that they didn't support them.

"County employees are civil servants and should not be intimidated simply because they didn't vote for governors," he warned.

Waluke asked residents of Western region to remain in Jubilee and forget about the emerging political parties, which were being formed on tribal basis.

He said Jubilee will form the next government and asked them not to be cheated and join new parties blindly.

He wondered why Wamalwa could not join Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang'ula and work together under his party instead of registering his own.

"Instead of Wamalwa joining Wetang'ula in Ford Kenya after they buried their political rivalry, he has decided form his," wondered Waluke.

He claimed that the handshake between the two in Mabanga last year was to blind fold the Luhya community.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
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Date:Aug 26, 2019
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