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Luo Council of Elders wrong, foolish to dismiss Miguna - supporters.

A statement by the Luo Council of Elders, that blamed NRM leader Miguna Miguna for his woes, lacked wisdom and was in bad faith, an official has said.

Last week, council chairman Willis Otondi dismissed Miguna's troubles as 'sideshows meant to derail the efforts of leaders in ensuring the country moves from its darkest time into a fruitful and progressive future'.

'We will not allow anyone to derail and divert the people's focus on greater things planned for the country,' Otondi also said.

Miguna was dragged out of a toilet at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and forced into a plane to Dubai where he was hospitalised.

The self- styled National Resistance Movement General returned from Canada, after his first deportation, on Monday but was held at the airport after refusing to apply for a visa.

The Immigration office says he needs to apply for Kenyan citizenship but he has refused to do so.

But John Ben, the council's Migori county chairman and leader of Migori Young Entrepreneurs (MYE), criticised Otondi saying he should not have issued that statement.

'What Otondi said was not binding for the Luo community and was in bad faith to our son Miguna,' Ben said in Rongo town on Saturday. "We, as a community, want our son back into the country."

He noted Miguna is a Luo from the Kano clan in Kisumu, who is clear on his heritage, so the clan should not have "thrown cold water at him when he needed its support the most".

A group of youths, led by MYE Secretary General Moses Odhiambo and Chairman George Grant said they didn't stand with the elders' statement.

'We reject the statement in totality. Our son from Kano will never be mistreated. Those elders are on their own. We want our General back,' Odhiambo said.

He added the statement implied 'Miguna locked himself up in the toilet, drugged and hauled himself out of the country like fish in a sack".

Grant noted they expected wisdom from the elders but that the statement made them lose hope.

'We won't be forced to respect our elders when they give foolish advice especially while our son is victmised. They should retract that statement,' he said.

The two said they will lead 'the mothers of all demonstrations" in Migori town until Miguna returns.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Apr 1, 2018
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