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Luete Bok gift package available.

The Global Beer Network of Santa Barbara, CA, is now offering a Leute Bok gift box. containing a 750-ml bottle of the Flemish beer, together with a unique Leute Bok glass on a wooden stand. Leute Bok is a double back which was discontinued by the brewery in the 1930s, but revived in 1997. It is a top fermented beer, which gets a second fermentation in the bottle, winding up with 7.5% a.b.v. "It is a dark red, heavy beer," Global says. "The aroma and taste is unique and striking not too sweet, but full and smooth the tongue. "

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Title Annotation:Weekly Specialty & Import Beer Report; Global Beer Network
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Jan 5, 2004
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