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Ludwig II: The musical. (Global Spotlight).

Fussen, Germany

"If ever a monarch were made for musical theatre," the producers claim, King Ludwig is the one--and with the historical evidence on hand, it would be hard to refute. Legally declared insane by his ministers, who were at the end of their ropes after enduring the king's expensive hobby of building castles (one of which inspired the trademark centerpiece of Disneyland), Ludwig was later found scraping the bottom of Lake Starnberg, near Munich, unable to get himself out of the water. Drawing on Ludwig's penchant for solitude, his disinterest in the sticky politics of German unity and his steadfast patronage of Richard Wagner, producer/director Stephen Barbarino and composer Franz Hummel have fashioned an unapologetically Anglo-American mega-musical, played in a custom-built theatre on Lake Forggen, in view of two of Ludwig's beloved castles.

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Publication:American Theatre
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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