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David Mason

Red Hen Press

PO Box 3537, Granada Hills, CA 91394

9781597090834, $18.95

Colorado College teacher David Mason presents Ludlow: A Verse-Novel, a narrative tale told entirely in free-verse poetic format. Set in Colorado during the early 1900's, Ludlow tells of Greek, Mexican, Scottish, and Italian immigrants and their struggle to eke out a living--culminating in the horrific Ludlow Massacre of April 1914, in which elements of the Colorado National Guard killed striking miners and their family members. Ludlow follows the fictional Luisa Mole, who must choose her destiny between living among the miners and the middle-class family that adopted her, and the historical figure Louis, a Cretan immigrant who becomes a labor organizer and a Ludlow martyr. Minor characters from history, including John D. Rockefeller Jr., also play a significant role. Ludlow continues beyond the massacre, to show and America transformed by wars and social change, and paints a vivid portrait of the daily struggle to survive and prosper. A moving poetry epic, delving into history with the flair of modernity.
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Title Annotation:Ludlow: A Verse-Novel
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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