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Lucy, the little dog with a whole lot of appeal.

She's the little dog with the fancy breed name which would go down well in Hollywood.

Meet Lucy, a cross-breed Dandie Dinmont terrier who lives in Dalton with her own Sharon Garraghan.

Breeds like Lucy are very popular among the Hollywood jetset and celebrity circuit.

As for Lucy, she has her own claim to fame, having won various trophies and rosettes in the local RSPCA dog show, held annually in Greenhead Park.

Among her awards are "the waggiest tail" and "the most appealing eyes".

Sharon says she is very loyal, good with children and very good company.

How long have you had your pet? We've had her since 1998 when she was a year old. Her original owners emigrated.

What did you call your pet and was there a particular reason for the choice of name? Orginally she had a different name but we liked the name Lucy.

What's the best thing about your pet? She's very loyal and loving. She's also a very good house dog.

Has your pet got any naughty traits? She jumps at the TV when snooker is on and tries to catch the balls.

What's his or her favourite treat? She loves long walks and going to Castle Hill. She was pictured in the Examiner recently when she was at the Pink Picnic on Castle Hill.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jan 31, 2007
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