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Lucia Whalen's Teachable Moment.

Lucia Whalen's Teachable Moment

The woman whose 911 call brought the police to Prof Henry Lewis
Gates' House. It was later revealed she never used race in
her description of the men she saw.

      That old bad dream--
   You open your mouth,
   and out comes what you know

      you can never take back:

      the pissed off solar flare,
   the truth you know
   doesn't matter but hurt--

      I never said boo. But turn on
   any television, buddy,
   click the damn mouse.

      Who said what? My breath
   never bounced ugly up
   off the satellite, into that cop's ear.

      Never, never.

   But now the neighbors ask: Who
   brung The Way-Back gal?
   The Antebellum dunce?
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Author:Eady, Cornelius
Publication:West Branch
Article Type:Poem
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Mar 22, 2010
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