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Lucent Technologies new 5E-XC high-capacity switch selected by SBC.

Lucent Technologies (NYSE:LU) has announced that SBC Communications Inc. (NYSE:SBC) is deploying Lucent's new high-capacity switch to more cost effectively support voice and data calls--such as wireless, Internet-dialup and long distance--that enter and exit SBC's local network.

While based on the same reliable and scalable architecture, the new 5E-XC high- capacity switch delivers three-times the capacity of an existing 5ESS switch in less space and can save telecom customers up to 50 percent each year on the total cost of owning a switch including office space, power, cooling, installation, maintenance and software-upgrade costs.

SBC is deploying the high-capacity switch in its local network to interconnect, primarily, with wireless and long distance carriers in an application known as an access tandem switch. SBC is using the switch in several large markets to support existing network traffic and future growth.

"Deploying Lucent's new high-capacity tandem switch increases our efficiency and simplifies our network by avoiding the operations and maintenance costs, and complexity of adding multiple smaller switches," said Andre Fuetsch, SBC Vice President-Network Planning.

"Lucent is delivering on its commitment to SBC to evolve its embedded base of Lucent switches to help SBC manage costs and handle future growth," said Dave Geary, vice president and general manager of Lucent Technologies Convergence Solutions business. "The high-capacity tandem switch application is the first in a series of applications that we will introduce over the next year."

The high-capacity tandem switch can serve dual purposes as an access point for network traffic entering and exiting a carrier's local network, and as the center in a "hub-and-spoke" architecture, switching voice and data traffic between multiple end offices. Three factors can contribute to a service provider's need for more access tandem switch capacity in their network: continued growth in wireless voice traffic, the large base of Internet dial-up users staying online longer and long distance calls that must access their local network.

Lucent Technologies 5E-XC high-capacity tandem switch supports up to 256,000 trunk lines, compared to 92,000 trunks on an existing 5ESS switch. The 5E-XC switch is more compact, requires less equipment, and doesn't require any new training for service provider technicians already familiar with the 5ESS switch.

The 5E-XC high-capacity switch and components make up Lucent's 5E-XC portfolio, also announced recently (see separate release). The new switch enables service providers to use their existing 5ESS platform to evolve their circuit switched networks to Internet Protocol networks.

Lucent Technologies is delivering significant enhancements on 5E-XC hardware and software that provide major performance and operating benefits, and enable customers to deliver both IP and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based business and residential services.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Dec 16, 2002
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