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Lucent Technologies announces availability of large, in-building wireless communications system.

MURRAY HILL, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 16, 1997--

Test Site Customers Show Savings and Customer Service Improvements

Lucent Technologies today announced commercial availability of its DEFINITY(R) Wireless Business System/PWT for large buildings and business campuses in the United States.

The communications system, tested during the last half year in more than two dozen customer locations, provides free air time and clear, secure digital sound on pocket phones. These eight ounce phones have all the capabilities of America's most popular business phones, the DEFINITY(R) wired desk phones.

Users can move about the workplace while handling phone calls-including using speed dialing, receiving calls, transferring calls to others, conferencing in up to six additional parties, sending calls to voice mail, or picking up voice mail messages. Users even have caller ID on the display panel of the pocket phones.

Working in the unlicensed and, therefore, free radio frequency spectrum of 1.9 Ghz, the Definity Wireless Business System/PWT (Personal Wireless Telephony standard) hands off call signals from antenna to antenna located throughout the business. Users can walk hallways and even take elevators while maintaining a clear telephone connection. The system can seamlessly grow to cover four million square feet, the equivalent of a 40 story office building.

One of the early customers for this digital wireless system is the Penn State Scanticon Conference Center, State College, Pennsylvania. The Center is using the Definity Wireless Business System to enhance its popularity as a training and conference center. Conferees are given a free pocket phone to use as long as they are on campus. Feedback from conferees shows that they not only consider the training center to be a leader in technology use, but that they also like the pocket phones so much that they want to take them back to their own businesses.

One of several medical establishments to install the system is Memorial Hospital of Belleville, Illinois. "We have to be high-tech as well as high-touch," says Bernie Hurst, communications supervisor for the 350-bed community hospital. Hurst is in charge of all of the hospital's communications, including telephone, beeper, radio, and voice mail.

"People love the system," said Hurst, explaining that physicians and nurses working in hospitals must stay in constant touch to discuss patient care. Hospitals recognize that time is one of their most valuable assets, so they continuously look for ways to reduce the time physicians and nurses spend tracking each other down.

Before the DEFINITY(R) Wireless Business System, when a physician needed to consult with a nurse, the call would first go to the nurse station. Then, if the nurse was away from the station caring for a patient, a secretary took the call and paged the nurse. By the time the nurse returned to the station to return the call, precious time had been spent.

Today, the physician's call goes directly to the nurse's Definity portable telephone. Also, on a typical day, hospital nurses and physicians walk marathon distances, so they appreciate how the wireless system saves them extra steps.

Recently, during a "code blue" medical emergency involving a patient in cardiac arrest, the wireless system helped save valuable minutes, increasing the chances of a favorable recovery. Hurst also likes the DEFINITY system because the radio spectrum it uses does not interfere with biomedical equipment.

And, on a lighter note, Hurst jokingly says nurses and physicians like their pocket phones so much that they "just dare" her to take away the wireless system.

Pay back for one of these systems is generally three months, based on productivity increases, added responsiveness and fewer missed revenue-generating calls. Prices for the Definity Wireless Business System/PWT range from $1200 to $1700 per user. Customers interested in further wireless business system information may call 1-800-325-7466, extension 145.

PWT, which stands for Personal Wireless Telephony, is the name of the standard specified by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for in-building wireless systems. In addition to the PWT system, for the United States, Lucent offers the TransTalk(TM) 9000 single zone wireless system for small and medium sized businesses. Lucent also provides wireless business systems for the other major wireless, in-building standards around the globe: DECT and CT2.

Lucent Technologies (LU) , with headquarters in Murray Hill, N.J., designs, builds and delivers a wide range of public and private networks, communications systems and software, consumer and business telephone systems, and microelectronics components. Bell Laboratories is the research and development arm for the company.

For further information on Lucent Technologies see the company Web site at Wireless business system information is at



Maximum area covered: 4 M square feet

Users per system 260

Spectrum 1.9 Ghz, unlicensed PCS

Coverage per radio cell 65 to 165 feet

Security Security features of the Definity

Enterprise Communications System are

extended to the Definity Wireless

Communications System. In addition,

security against eavesdroppers is

assured by the advanced digital speech

encryption process. Each pocket-phone

is ascribed a unique encryption key, and

phone use requires access authentication

which avoids unauthorized use.

Clarity Digital signal, Dynamic Channel Selection

The intelligent pocket-phone continuously

selects the best available free channel

or base station thereby offering excellent

call quality at all times.

Air Interface Standard (a) PWT, Personal Wireless Telephony


Handset Model: Pocket Phone 9601, flip-phone

Weight: 8 ounces

Height: 6 inches

Width: 2.5 inches

Depth 1.1 inches

Handset features alpha-numeric display with calling

party id

30 number speed dialing

two line capability with hold, transfer,

and conference

Battery 4 hours of talk time

48 hours of standby time

recharges in one and a half hours

use of two batteries eliminates any down


System Design configuration of best antennae

placement using the Bell

Labs patented WiSE (Wireless System

Engineering) system

Installation requires location compliance with FCC rules governing frequency coordination

CONTACT: Rosemary Yaecker

908-953-7512 /office

908-735-4996 /home
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Date:Jun 16, 1997
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