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Lubricant reduces friction, tool wear.

Lubricant reduces friction, tool wear

Ready Tool Co, a Stratford, CT-based machine-tool manufacturer, has found Dow Corning [R] D General Purpose White Paste to reduce metal-to-metal friction and tool wear on cylindrical grinders and lathe tools.

The paste, made by Dow Corning Corp, Midland, MI, is a non-staining lubricant said to provide long-term effectiveness and extreme high-pressure resistance. It contains no molybdenum disulfide ([MoS.sub.2]) and is suited for metal-to-metal applications where dark pastes, such as those containing graphite or [MoS.sub.2], are undesirable.

Ready Tool Co uses D-Paste on both live and dead centers in the production of machine tools. The centers, typically made of high-speed steel or carbide, support the metal workpiece in a cylindrical grinder or lathe. A center fits into a hole at the end of the work, holding it steady as it rotates at high speeds. Because the workpiece often revolves for long periods of time, a lubricant is needed that holds up to continuous use to reduce friction and protect both the center and the work from excessive wear.

D-Paste is applied to the tip of a center, and prevents binding while the workpiece turns. It provides good corrosion protection and has a temperature range of -15 F to 480 F.

For more information from DOW Corning, Midland, MI, circle 273.
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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