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Lube up ... lube now! MW24C scoop loader ...

A little lube in the right place works wonders on your scoop loader. Avoid unnecessary repairs with these PM lube pointers before your loader heads out for the day's run.

Engine Access Panels

Pull latches on the engine's access panels get caked with mud. That rusts the latches' internal spring in place and that makes them a bear to pull open when you need to remove the panels to get at the engine.

Free up the spring with a shot of lubricating spray, NSN 9150-00-458-0075. Open and close the latch vigorously a few times. Then spray the spring at every scheduled service.

Door Handle Latch

The spring-latch behind the door handle is constantly exposed to the elements. That means corrosion sets in, Causing the latch to stick in the open position. Then you can't shut the door properly or keep it closed.

Get the "stuck" out with a shot of lubricating spray, Open and close the door a few times to work the spray around the latch, Do this once a month so the latch will open and close smoothly.

Pivot Pin Pointer

Pivot pins on the clamshell bucket and the bucket lift arms need lots of clean lube to do their job.

Those grease fittings are usually coated with dirt and sand. Make sure you wipe gunk off the fittings before you start the lube job.

And don't forget to wipe off the dirty end of the grease gun. That way you won't pump any grit into a pivot pin.

Lube the pivot pins on the clamshell bucket every week. If you don't, the pins will bind and break. Then your loader's down until the pins are replaced.

When you lube, pump grease into the fittings until you see clean grease oozing out. Six to eight pumps should do it.

If a fitting clogs and won't take grease, report it. Have your mechanic replace the fitting with NSN 4730-00-050-4208.

Snub the Smear Job

Windshields on some scoop loaders are getting the royal smear job.

That's because the spray nozzle for the windshield washer fluid is located smack dab in the middle of a bunch of grease fittings just below the loader's windshield.

The nozzle looks just like the grease fittings, so it's not surprising that it gets pumped full of grease each time the fittings are lubed.

Grease either clogs the nozzle or ends up on the windshield when you push the washer fluid button to clean the windshield

One way to prevent this mess is to have your mechanic stencil a small note below the nozzle that says, "Not a grease fitting.".
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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