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Luanne C. Traud.

Editorial page editor, The Herald-Standard in Uniontown, Pennsylvania


Career history: I've been editorial page editor slightly more than a year. I spent several years each covering crime, government and transportation.

Changes in the shop: We are orchestrating chaos by switching from a Mac system to PC, while undergoing newsroom renovations.

Family news: With four daughters -- college junior, high school senior, second-grader, and toddler -- I'm not certain on any given day what all are up to.

Best thing about job: Finally being able to express an opinion and working with letter writers.

Worst thing about job: Listening to racist subscribers.

First impression of NCEW: There's an overwhelming volume of e-mail, but discussions (for the most part) are of interest.

Topics for The Masthead: I'd like to see ideas for increasing reader interaction, including well-written letters, in an area of high illiteracy.
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Date:Sep 22, 2000
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