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Loyalist burial site project.

Phase 1 of this project has been completed and forwarded to the UELAC branch presidents in a compact disc format consisting of about three hundred and sixty submissions that are indexed and searchable.

The project is ongoing and we are collecting submissions for Phase 2. There are many more Loyalist burial sites to document.

For our purpose, a qualifying Loyalist was "A resident, as of April 19, 1775, of one of the colonies that declared themselves independent of Great Britain, who joined the Royal Standard before the treaty of Separation in the year 1783, or otherwise demonstrated loyalty, to the Crown during the American Revolution, and who, through adherence to the great principle of the Unity of the Empire, departed from the newly established republic and settled in territory remaining under the rule of the Crown" or "A soldier who served during the American Revolutionary War in a Loyalist Regiment, (i.e. a Provincial Corps) and who was disbanded following the cessation of hostilities in what is now Canada" or "Being a Six Nations Indian whose migration to what is now Canada was under the same circumstances and simultaneous with that of the United Empire Loyalists."

We are not considering descendants of these Loyalists.

Submissions should be made with the following headings:

* Occupation/Regiment:

* Burial Location:

* Gravestone Inscription:

* Settlement and History:

Please include a photo of the gravestone, if possible, or perhaps a photo of the suspected gravesite or perhaps where he/she is thought to be buried. Submissions should be no longer than two pages using 12 point Times New Roman font including space for a photograph. The Loyalist need not be your ancestor, but is perhaps someone that you know of.

Ideally, submissions can be made in Word Perfect or MS Word format that makes it easy to modify, if necessary, to the project's form and style. Failing that, we'll accept submissions in any legible form. Please be sure to furnish a means of contacting you because there are always questions that arise. Also, please furnish a note indicating your permission, or otherwise, for us to state your name on the document.

Finally, don't be shy about indicating if you are a UE or not and what branch you belong to.

C. Ray Lewis, Chairman, Loyalist Burial Site Project Committee
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Title Annotation:UELAC Projects
Author:Lewis, C. Ray
Publication:The Loyalist Gazette
Date:Sep 22, 2005
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