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Lowest Scoring Super Bowl As Patriots Beat Rams 13-3.

The New England Patriots are the Super Bowl champions after beating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Sunday night. The Tom Brady legend continues to grow after quarterback picked up his sixth championship ring and his third in the last five years.

The focus, however, was on the quality of the game as it ended up being the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. There was just one touchdown during the entire game, but neither of the quarterbacks was involved.

It was all about the defense as the Patriots held back one of the best offences in the league this season, but the overall reaction to the game was one of disappointment. It was labeled a snooze fest by many, while few commended the Rams for not turning up in protest to the officiating fiasco that robbed the New Orleans Saints of a potential Super Bowl appearance in the NFC championship game.

Even LeBron James was not impressed with the quality of the game as he seemed to give a shout out to expert NBA writers to make the game more exciting.

The Saints fans were on the streets in New Orleans protesting the Super Bowl after poor officiating cost their team a chance of making the Super Bowl. Despite their initial complaints and lawsuits falling on deaf ears, they continued to protest on Sunday with chants of "we got robbed" ringing through the streets.

Meanwhile, the Drake curse reared its head again with pictures emerging of the rapper wearing a Rams jacket during the game. It is well known that every team the American rapper supports seem to be on the losing side with the Alabama Crimson Tide being the most recent victims of the Drake curse when they lost the college football championships.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Feb 4, 2019
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