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Lower-cost intercom repair.

If your intercom system is constantly breaking down, watch out: your building is being left open to crime, and that can leave you - the building owner - open to trouble. Because replacing such systems can be prohibitively expensive, many owners in this tight economy are looking into lower-cost repairs and upgrades to improve security.

"In many older systems, the wires become frayed or the mechanisms become worn," said Jordan Lubitz, president of Jordan Intercom Systems. "Rather than replace all of the units, you can retrofit the ones that are out of service. Done properly, this will tighten your system without the high cost of replacing everything."

The savings, noted Lubitz, are in the number of units repaired. "You may pay about the same amount per unit to repair a system as replace it, but you are only repairing, say, 6 out of 100 compared to 100 out of 100."

According to Lubitz, even some of the oldest systems can be significantly improved with less-expensive retrofits. "Some of the intercoms made by Loeffler and Auth can be more than 40 years old," he said. "Some are still in the wooden boxes." In landmark buildings, he added, "we can replace the guts of the unit and leave the original look intact."

Yet old systems are not the only ones that need repairs. "Most of the work we do is on newer systems that are off-brands or of inferior quality," said Lubitz. "And that's serves as a good lesson: it's important to purchase the right system from the start."
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Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Sep 23, 1992
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