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Lower sodium cakes.

BAKE'N JOY HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE--including those consumers looking to lower their sodium intake. With the company's new All-Natural Lowered Sodium Creme Cake Bases--available in regular and chocolate--retailers can bake up a showcase of items, such as muffins, rings, loaves, crumb cakes and cupcakes, with reduced sodium content.


According to officials at the North Andover, Mass.-based company, the bases contain between 30% to 40% lower sodium than industry-leading creme cake bases. "The development of these bases reflects our on-going commitment to offering products that meet today's customer needs," says George Fregone, vice president of marketing and business development. "We're looking at reducing our sodium content across all our product categories."

The batter bakes up with an even volume and is formulated to accept a variety of add-ins, such as fruit, nuts or chocolate chips, and it contains no preservatives and only natural flavors and colors, add officials. It is available in a 50-pound bag and only requires the addition of water, oil and eggs. The suggested retail price varies. For more information, visit
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Author:Hott, Elizabeth Louise
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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