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Lowenbrau's "challenge" awards consumers.

Lowenbrau's "Challenge" awards consumers

Lowenbrau beer and the Miller Brewing Co. are challenging beer drinkers to taste its three award-winning brands. Those who accept the challenge will earn a $2.50 refund for their purchase of one case or one case equivalent of any combination of Lowenbrau Light, Dark or Special.

"For those who haven't tried the great taste of Lowenbrau, we're offering this challenge and reward," said Rick Burton, brand manager, Miller Brewing Co. "It was a tremendous honor for Lowenbrau to win those three medals at the [Great American Beer] Festival. Through this |Challenge,' we hope beer drinkers everywhere will try Lowenbrau and experience the outstanding taste the Festival's judges deemed worthy of gold-and silver-medal recognition."

The mail-in offer, which will run through May, can be found on point-of-sale materials where the brands are sold.
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Title Annotation:Lowenbrau beer; money back refund for beer drinkers
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 22, 1991
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