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Lowcard, #6.

Goddam you Lowcard, Number Six. For two days all t smelled when I walked outside was puke after some asshole puked outside my front door. I had a headache and was hung over, so I puked too. I got your mag when I was starting to feel better, but it just made me feel worse. Actually, I take it back. Several trips to the shitter later, it's a go! Fake ads, raw shit, pools, backyard ramps, a trip to Maine, girls partyin', more pools, the Northwest, backyard ramps, a Danny Sargent sighting, liquor, and an old photo or two. Try this for a riddle, Q: Why do more and more 'zines feature NW shit? A: Because they are apparently smarter than you. Another example of why if you got some killer shit, you don't necessarily need words to say something worthwhile. Send a couple bucks, maybe stamps, to: 460 Lyon St. # 1, San Francisco, CA 94117.
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Title Annotation:Zine Thing
Date:Feb 1, 2005
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