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Lowcard, #11.

Good goddam! Look who's gone all glossy on us this month! And the mag claims you can't polish a turd, but this is one turd that's been polished to a shine. From the dirtiest catacombs of crappy spots and blacked out nights comes another edition of Lowcard. It sticks with the format: a lot of Bay Area stuff, the Northwest, East Coast, depravity, quick wit, bad tattoos, DIY skate spots, pools, road trips, parks, bros, sleeping bags in the dirt, etc. Essentially, it reflects the kind of life we should all be living and the vacations we should be having. Many in the world wish to live vicariously through famous athletes, movie stars, or the fabulously wealthy. Fuck, dudes, aim lower! Live vicariously through Lowcard! All you gotta do is send $2 to: PO Box 170504, San Francisco, CA, 94177, then pick the corn outta my shit and eat it
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Title Annotation:ZINE THING
Date:Oct 1, 2006
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