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Low-temperature HNBR.

Zetpol 4300 Series HNBR has been commercialized due to the growing demand for low-temperature HNBR grades, according to the company. The Zetpol 4300 Series HNBR, which includes Zetpol 3310, 4310 and 4300, is said to provide low-temperature dynamic sealing performance, as well as the best high-temperature resistance and retention of physical properties for use in a wide variety of applications. Known for its ability to withstand both extreme low and high temperatures and maintain excellent physical properties and compression set resistance, the Zetpol 4300 Series is suitable for seals, gaskets, hoses and diaphragms in the automotive, oil and aerospace industries, according to the manufacturer. The firm is said to offer the broadest line of HNBRs with low temperature grades. With Zetpol 3310 and 4310, the company is said to have taken low temperature performance to the next level using innovative terpolymer technology with precise control of molecular structure. Zetpol 4300 offers low temperature properties with the added benefits of a fully saturated HNBR, including excellent heat and fluid resistance. (Zeon Chemicals)
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Title Annotation:Suppliers Showcase: Materials
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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