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Low-profile safety light curtain with integral muting protects equipment, personnel.


The EZ-Screen low-profile safety light curtain offers integral muting for use with smaller production machines in compact spaces. Providing flexible protection of equipment and personnel, the type-4 curtains can be flexibly mounted and connected for end-to-end sensing. Their compact form allows for installation within the machine frame to eliminate any holes or dead zones in the sensing field, while requiring less power consumption. Equipped with factory burned-in emitter and receiver circuitry for toughness, dependability and vibration tolerance, the devices are immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash and strobe lights. The sensing range spans from 4 inches to 23 feet and accommodates seven predefined muting configuration options. Banner Engineering, 888-373-6767,

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Publication:Material Handling Product News
Date:Feb 1, 2012
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