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Low-hp milling machines get their own cutters.

Productivity improvement is on the way for limited-horsepower small machining centers and Bridgeport-type turret-ram manual milling machines that operate in large numbers in the metalcutting industries.

Carboloy has just introduced four new styles of 2"-dia, 3-tooth, integral-shank, face milling cutters. The new cutters include two styles each of an R217.13 series cutter with a 45-deg lead for face milling operations, and an R217.33 series cutter for square-shoulder machining. Cutters in both series are available with either a standard 1.25"-dia Weldon shank for use on small machining centers, or an R8-style integral shank for use on Bridgeport-type milling machines.

The new cutters are free-cutting face mills that utilize the same positive/negative geometry and SE-style inserts used with Carboloy's 220.13/33 series standard face and shoulder-cutting mills. Four insert grades are available to cover the full spectrum of work materials from low carbon steel to the superalloys.

Key to the productivity potential of the 2"-dia cutters is the Carboloy "76" chip groove recommended for use in roughing and finishing alloy steels, stainless steels, and titanium alloys. Originally developed as a basic choice in Carboloy's aerospace milling program, the 76 groove is designed to increase productivity and extend tool life by reducing cutting forces. The groove features an advanced ribbed geometry, which permits it to operate at working temperatures hundreds of degrees lower than those required by conventional inserts. It has a +34-deg rake angle, which helps reduce horsepower requirements by some 20%.
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Title Annotation:Carboloy Inc. introduces 2"-diameter, 3-tooth, integral-shank, face milling cutters
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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