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Low-cost housing update.

LOW-COST HOUSING UPDATE. Shymdeo Gosine, CEO of the DOC Group of Companies, said that his company is building low cost housing in San Fernando, reports the U.S. Embassy here. A new house costs US$10,000. That includes all electrical fittings, plumbing, windows, sinks, toilet bath, doors and a choice between a galvanize or concrete roof. It does not include finishes such as tiles or built in cupboards. The house is 686 sq ft in size with two bedrooms, kitchen, toilet and bath, living and dining room. The catch is that the company will only build the homes if they have an order of 500 or more;

DOC's Engineering Homes ltd. is erecting apartments for the National housing Authority in Pleasantville, San Fernando. They use the Waffle-Crete Panel Finishes (pre-Fab) technology which has come out of the U.S. and which is being supervised on-site by engineers out of the USA. They are producing a 16 apartment building every 27 days in San Fernando. They construct with 500 PSI concrete which is a special blend done by Readymix WI. They are also negotiating with Trinidad Cement Ltd. for a reduction in the price of cement, asking for the same concessions as the brick manufacturers. The company is also constructing at least two units a day;

These houses are built because more than 50% of the working population of Trinidad and Tobago work for TT$2,500 TT (under US$500) per month ... these include the store clerks, gas station attendants, security officers, laborers. Mr. Gosine said that it takes innovation, inspiration, team work and collaboration with the government so that houses can be built at this special cost. Details: Hannah Bereaux. Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service Port of Spain. U.S. Embassy. Trinidad & Tobago. Tel: 868 622 6176 ext. 2557. Fax: 868 622 2444. Email:
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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