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Low-calorie fruit juice meets need.

LAS VEGAS -- Fruit juices are generally seen as healthy beverage choices, but the natural sugars they contain can mean they are high in calories. But more diet-friendly versions are available from a number of suppliers.

One of the newest on the scene is Fave, which was launched by Fave Juice Co. at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Total Store Expo that was held here recently.

According to the company, each 8-ounce glass of Fave contains three full servings of vegetables (50% more than other juices on the market) and just 60 calories (compared with 10 to 170 calories for competing 100% juice products). Fave is also naturally very low in sodium.

Fave's all-natural formulas, created with a unique, patented process, contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sweeteners of any kind, the company said.

"Daily fruit and vegetable servings are very important," said Fave chief marketing officer David Kirkpatrick. "The USDA suggests an average of nine to 10 servings is optimal--but most Americans average less than half this amount, or about four servings per day. Sugar intake and calories are also critical. We now average 50 teaspoons per person per day of total sugar intake in the USA, and there are over 26 million diabetics in the country."

Another beverage featured at the Total Store Expo was Lo, described as a low-calorie fruit juice drink that is also low in sugar and carbs. Distributed by LGJ LLC, Lo is made with real organic fruit and is sweetened with organic blue agave nectar and stevia, according to company president Maral Barsoumian. A 10-ounce bottle of Lo has just 35 to 45 calories, and has a low glycemic index score of 19 to 23.

Domestic                    DOLLAR SALES            CASE SALES
Beer/Malt           $2.74 bil. (+2.1%) *    143.6 mil. (0.0%) *

For 13 Weeks          Percent Change vs.     Percent Change vs.
Ended 7/14/13            Prior 12 Months        Prior 12 Months

                      Supermarkets +0.7%     Supermarkets -2.3%

                       Drug Stores -0.2%      Drug Stores -2.1%

Top Brands                  Dollar Sales             Case Sales

1. Bud Light                 $545.7 mil.              30.2 mil.

2. Coors Light                292.2 mil.              16.2 mil.

3. Miller Lite                234.8 mil.              13.1 mil.

4. Budweiser                  197.6 mil.              10.9 mil.

5. Michelob Ultra             107.3 mil.               4.8 mil.

6. Natural Light               91.6 mil.               6.4 mil.

7. Busch Light                 84.4 mil.               6.0 mil.

8. Miller High                 52.9 mil.               3.6 mil.

9. Busch                       50.5 mil.               3.5 mil.

10. Keystone                   47.9 mil.               3.5 mil.

* Total of supermarkets, drug stores, discount stores, military
commissaries, and selected warehouse clubs and dollar stores.

Source: IRI
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Date:Sep 2, 2013
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