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Low-calorie carbonates hit new high.

The latest market data show that consumption of low-calorie carbonates across Europe increased again in 2006.

According to Canadean, low-calorie soft drinks broke new ground in the last year as the European market grew in volume to 6.5 billion litres, up 400 million litres from 2005. The United Kingdom has the largest market for low-calorie carbonates with an annual consumption of 1.8 billion litres, or 25% of the UK carbonates market.

Market data from many countries indicate that consumers are turning to low-calorie foods and drinks to replace products high in fat and sugar. Since 2000, consumption of low-calorie carbonates in Europe has increased by a third and the latest figures confirm their growing popularity.

Despite the consistent performance of low-calorie carbonates across Europe, there is still considerable room for growth. In Germany, the largest market for carbonated drinks, low-calorie products make up 14% of total soft drinks consumption and in Spain, where the hot weather makes carbonated drinks a popular option, just 1 in 8 soft drinks consumed are low-calorie options.

Since aspartame's introduction in 1983, the market for low-calorie carbonates has experienced uninterrupted growth. Its refreshing, sugar-like taste has enabled diet soft drinks to become mainstream products, which, in some cases, outsell the regular, sugar-sweetened versions.

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