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Low-VOC coating removal.

International Paint LLC has introduced Interplus[R] 634, a biodegradable, low-VOC disbonder that reportedly meets the environmental, health, and safety (EH & S) requirements of various industries. It is designed as an alternative to traditional surface preparation techniques such as abrasive grit blasting and ultra high-pressure hydroblasting, or when power tool methods are ruled out for operational or environmental and safety reasons. Reportedly, Interplus 634 is especially effective on hard-to-remove coatings such as polyurethanes, alkyds, acrylics, and waterborne coatings. It does not contain any ozone-depleting components or methlyene chloride (a possible carcinogen used in most coating removers). A pale blue water-based single-component gel, Interplus 634 can be applied with an airless sprayer, brush, or roller. For more information, contact: 800.525.6824 or
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Title Annotation:New Products
Publication:JCT CoatingsTech
Date:May 1, 2006
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