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Low-Cost Juice Pasteurizers.

Tetra Pak Ltd have brought out a new version of their Tetra Therm Aseptic BaseDrink module for the pasteurization of juices, nectars and still drinks, with the added advantages of short delivery times and competitive pricing.

Their new TA BaseDrink module is available in two capacities - 4000 and 8000 litres an hour throughput, with the choice of either a Tetra Plex plate heat exchanger or a Tetra Spiraflo tubular heat exchanger.

Tetra Pak of 1 Longwalk Road, Stockley Park Uxbridge, Middlesex, tel:0870 442 6000 tell us the price of the TA BaseDrink is now more than 35% lower than the former unit, and delivery time is now only eight weeks, due to a simplified order handling and the use of standardized design.

Prior to production, the complete module is sterilized with hot water. Product enters the pasteurizer via a balance tank and is pumped to the plate or tubular heat exchanger for regenerative heating. To reach pasteurization temperature, the product is finally heated with hot water and kept at pasteurization temperature in a holding tube, then regeneratively cooled.

In the tubular version, a final cooling section is included.

The standard temperature programme for the plate version with Tetra Plex C is 20[degrees]-95[degrees] 32[degrees]C, and for the tubular version with the Tetra Spiraflo is 20[degrees]-95[degrees]-25[degrees]C. Maximum heating for both versions is 100[degrees]C and there is an option to cool on both versions to 10[degrees]C. Other options available are manual back-flush, the incorporation of a pneumatic CIP dosing pump, and/or an automatic flow diversion valve.

Production is controlled from a semi automatic panel that incorporates a two-pen recorder and push-buttons for pre-sterilization, production and CIP control. The actual pasteurization temperature is controlled by a temperature controller.
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