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Low volume slitting system.

The MagnaSlitter is said to be deal for low volume slitting of a wide range of materials, including vinyls, mylars, reflectives, application tapes, nonwovens and more. Large rolls of material can be cut down to size economically and efficiently, allowing companies to maintain a more flexible and profitable inventory level, according to the manufacturer. A positive locking chuck system and steel alloy blade are said to ensure a clean, accurate slit. Convenient end-loading design allows for quick, easy change of rolls, according to the company. Options are offered, including an air-brake-on-blade assembly and auto-increment to eliminate manual measurement. The company manufactures a complete line of material processing equipment, including die-cutters, sheeters, stackers, slitters, slitter/rewinders, laminators and more. (Contech)

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Title Annotation:Equipment
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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