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Low electricity tariff needed?

Byline: Waqas Ahmad

Prime Minister should immediately intervene and direct Ministry of Water and Power to reduce electricity tariff Generation cost of electricity was Rs 7.2359/kWh which recorded a phenomenal decrease this year and now the cost of energy has been determined at Rs 4.7228/kWh if transmission and distribution losses are also added, the electricity cost will hardly stand around lb 6/unit. Contrary to the actual price, we are paying approximately Rs 14.60 per unit for electricity.

The government's efforts in bringing down the generation cost of electricity but government should concentrate on adding cheap hydel electricity to further bring down cost of energy mix in Pakistan. Despite of recent decrease in fuel adjustment charges, the cost of electricity in Pakistan is still highest in the region and we are unable to compete with regional competitors.

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Date:Apr 30, 2016
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