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Low Cost Airline News.

Central Wings

Central Wings, yet another budget airline, and which claims to be Poland's fastest growing, has introduced a whole bunch of new routes into the UK, and also Ireland. With the summer season now upon us the carrier launched last week thrice-weekly flights between Leeds Bradford and Warsaw; Dublin - Gdansk and Lodz; Edinburgh - Gdansk and Katowice. The airline already serves Gatwick from Warsaw and Krakow; Edinburgh and Shannon from Warsaw; and Dublin from Wrocaw and Katowice. Last year Centralwings carried 750,000 passengers and aims to double the figure for 2006. Boeing 737-300 & 400 series aircraft are used. Apr 2, 2006


FLYME may be hardly known at the present time but that situation is about to change. Swedish, and founded in 2003, it is now owned by a consortium that includes Iceland investment company Fons, who set up and then sold Iceland Express. FlyMe took charge of Lithuanian Airlines earlier this year. Last week the airline, after only flying domestically (plus Helsinki), introduced no less than 11 international routes, which must be some kind of record. Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Chania (Greece), Nice, Malaga, Palma, Paris, Prague, Rhodes and Rome were added. Stansted - Gothenburg also joined the network. Apr 2, 2006


Ryanair had a serious problem last week, which in truth was not really their fault, for many people just a joke, but which gained unprecedented news coverage. An Airbus A320 operated by Irish charter airline Eirjet under contract to FR made the mistake of flying into the Ballykelly airstrip, a former RAF bomber base, instead of City of Derry Airport, five miles away and with a parallel but licensed runway. The liability is with Ryanair who as usual tried to bluff their way out. BBC TV was still reporting on the main news channels 24 hours after the event pointing out that it takes eight minutes to drive between the two "airports" and yes the next day the genuine Ryanair pilot did get it right, but was three hours late. Don't bother to look on the Ryanair website. For once they did not put out a release. Apr 2, 2006

Ryanair will launch services from its Pisa base to Doncaster, Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe Baden, Oslo, Trapani and Valencia in mid-September, bringing the number of destinations served from Pisa to 17. Flights to Valencia and Trapani will operate daily, routes to Doncaster and Karlsruhe Baden will operate four-times-weekly and flights to Oslo and Friedrichshafen will operate thrice-weekly. Ryanair said it expects to carry 1.4 million passengers annually through Pisa. It also announced the launch of new routes from its Shannon base to Biarritz, Carcassonne, Faro, Krakow and Venice as well as increased frequencies to Barcelona, Malaga and Milan. The new routes will start Oct. 12 and bring the number of destinations Ryanair serves from Shannon to 24. From September it will base a fourth 737-800 there. Mar 30, 2006

SkyEurope Airlines

SkyEurope Airlines launched thrice-weekly services from Krakow Balice to Turin and Brussels. The LCC will station four new 737-700s at Balice to support its planned expansion to 51 weekly flights to 14 European destinations this summer. Mar 28, 2006

Southwest Airlines

Southwest's stability slows share price growth, analysts say. Some airline stocks have soared in recent months, but shares of Southwest Airlines have increased at a much slower pace. Southwest is known for its reliable financial strength. It currently does not have the appeal of carriers recovering from a prolonged financial slump, Wall Street analysts say. Mar 29, 2006
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