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Low Carbs Out, 'SLOOOW Carbs(TM)' In.

Award-Winning New Low Glycemic Energy Bars from Solo GI(TM) Nutrition Lead Post-Atkins 'Low Carb to Slow Carb' Shift; Formula Result of Extensive Scientific Research

EDMONTON, Alberta, Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Just when consumers thought that low carbs were the magic bullet for weight loss and optimum health, experts have turned the tables again. But this time it's a much more sensible, healthy approach to eating -- low glycemic foods. Spearheaded by Canada-based Solo GI(TM) Nutrition (, the "move from low carb to slow carb," as well as the trend toward eating more "good carbs" from vegetables, fruits and whole grains, has been gaining attention from mainstream media. Low carb product makers like Atkins Nutritionals, which recently filed for bankruptcy protection, are feeling the effects of a shift in consumer thinking, and major low carb retailers are pulling products off the shelf as quickly as they stocked them.

Solo GI Nutrition, Inc., whose product research and development expertise and marketing focus is on low glycemic foods, is leading the competition with a delicious new way to help consumers understand low glycemic nutrition and adapt it to their busy lives. Solo GI Nutrition has launched the first line of low glycemic diet and energy bars, and is pioneering a category of products focusing on a low glycemic diet. "Slooow Carbs(TM)" is a term coined by Solo GI to help bridge the understanding of low carb dieters and carb-conscious consumers to low glycemic awareness and use.

The Solo GI(TM) energy bars, the first on the market with clinically-validated glycemic indexes, resulted from extensive scientific research performed by the company's in-house team of scientists and product formulators in collaboration with major universities. They contain a proprietary blend of food ingredients balancing good carbs and fats to help keep the blood sugar level in a normal range, and are also a good source of protein and fiber, plus 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Solo GI bars contain no sugar alcohols, no high fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils and zero trans fats. The bars were recently awarded the Golden Egg Award, from Specialty Nutrition Group, as The Most Innovative Nutritional Product of 2004, for addressing the growing epidemic of diabetes and obesity with a delicious, science-based product. Well-known and respected fitness researcher, author and lecturer Kristine Clark, Ph.D., R.D. of the Center for Sports Medicine at Penn State University goes another step and gives Solo bars her stamp of approval: "A slow stream of energy entering the blood lasts longer to keep physical and mental activity at peak performance. Solo, the new low glycemic index energy bar, has been designed to do exactly that -- no blood sugar spikes and crashes caused by high glycemic foods and beverages."

"We're thrilled to be leading the charge toward making low glycemic nutrition understandable and accessible," says Saul Katz, President and CEO of Solo GI Nutrition. "Consumers need to be re-educated that eating carbs is OK, but they must be 'good' carbs that don't spike blood sugar and insulin levels. Simply put, Solo GI Low Glycemic Bars are creating a paradigm shift helping consumers to live a healthier lifestyle and manage their weight and energy. The 'magic' of the Solo bars is that we have done all the work for the consumer, and the glycemic index of each bar is calorie-controlled and independently, clinically validated with a very low value between 22-28. This unique combination provides a delicious, convenient way for people to follow a low glycemic lifestyle, without having to calculate the glycemic index or glycemic load."

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a scale developed by Dr. David Jenkins at the University of Toronto, Canada, as a tool to help diabetics maintain blood sugar control. Based on combining foods that contain "slooow carbs" that release sugars slowly into the blood stream, it ranks foods by comparing their immediate effect on blood sugar to glucose or white flour. Refined starchy foods -- bread, rice, potato products and most processed breakfast cereals -- are rapidly converted into sugar and have a high glycemic index, whereas most fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes are digested more slowly, providing more sustained energy and longer satiety. GI is also an effective tool in weight management as it helps consumers avoid the peak, crash and crave cycle that can lead to overeating.

Scientific support is building a strong case for the low glycemic approach to healthy eating. According to Dr. David S. Ludwig (Children's Hospital in Boston), reducing the glycemic index may be more effective than cutting back on fat over the long-term, both for weight loss and for reducing risk of heart disease. His peer-reviewed and published medical studies found that people who ate a diet of low glycemic index foods, which take longer to digest, stayed full longer and were less hungry. He also found the reverse to be true.

With diabetes and other related health crises reaching epidemic proportions in the country -- an estimated 60% of the population is either pre-diabetic or diabetic -- Solo GI is committed to not only developing a broad range of healthy, delicious low glycemic products, but also educating the consumer about the benefits of low glycemic nutrition. Solo Low GI bars are available in four great-tasting flavors: Chocolate Charger, Peanut Power, Berry Bliss and Mint Mania. Solo Low GI Bars are available at Whole Foods, Kroger supermarkets and natural foods and grocery stores across the U.S., as well as GNC stores nationally beginning in September, at a suggested retail price of $1.99 per bar.

Alberta-Canada based SOLO GI(TM) Nutrition is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Era Nutrition, leaders in functional food research and development. Solo GI Nutrition is committed to developing low glycemic products that offer superior food choices to help consumers achieve personal goals in weight management and healthy living. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Pamela B. Stewart of Essenza Comm. Inc., +1-303-442-2032, or fax, +1-303-440-8921,, for Solo GI Nutrition; or Saul Katz, CEO of Solo GI, +1-780-990-9841

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Date:Aug 23, 2005
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