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Loving homes wanted for Daniel, Rosco and Malteser.

DELIGHTFUL DANIEL is a lovely boy who came to us from one of our inspectors.

On arrival he had a trauma injury to his eye which unfortunately had to be removed. He has taken a little time to come out of his shell here in the cattery and can still be a little hand shy, but we have found him to be more compliant when there are Dreamies on offer!

When he realises you are there to give him some TLC, he comes to you purring and head bumping, but in his new home he may need to bond first.

Daniel is a really sweet boy when he has had a little time to gain trust in you and will need owners who can help build his confidence in the home. We recommend he is rehomed with children aged 13-plus so he can have a nice quieter home to have all the fuss and love he deserves.

MEET ROSCO! This lovely boy was found by one of our inspectors, after a kind member of the public, alerted us to the fact that he had been left unattended in a property for a few days.

Rosco is a very friendly boy who already knows a lot of command such as sit, paw and even roll over!

He is a very active boy and can be boisterous at times, so requires new owners who have experience with boisterous dogs and who can provide the exercise levels he needs.

We feel Rosco would be suited to a family with children over the age of eight as long as they are confident around bouncy, boisterous dogs.

During dog meets here at the centre he has been very friendly with other dogs, but can get a little frustrated with OTT dogs, so a match would be pending on dog meets here at the centre.

Rosco loves to play fetch and tug with toys and this would be a great way to help him bond with his new owners.

MALTESER was abandoned at a police station in a cat carrier.

He is a fantastic ferret who is always on the go and loves to play. On the floor of the ferretry he explores the area and really likes to interact with you, doing the wonderful ferret dance of joy!

We have not yet tried him with other ferrets as he has just been neutered but we intend to do this soon. We believe he is suitable to live with children over the age of ten years as long as they have experience of ferrets and the care and interaction is supervised by an adult.

Malteser will need a hutch and run or, if kept indoors, a large cage. In either situation he will need time out of his accommodation to play and interact with his owners.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Aug 22, 2015
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