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Lover 'kills' her ex with high heels.


A WOMAN clubbed her ex-boyfriend to death with her size 12 stilettos - after he got angry when he saw her with another man.

Enraged Roosevelt Bonds tore into 16st Anna Rhinehart when he saw her canoodling in a restaurant.

But she knocked him to the ground, sat on his chest and killed him with repeated blows from her high heels, according to New York police.

Anna, 40, told them she hit Bonds, 51, in self-defence after he punched her in the mouth, knocking out two of her front teeth.

A police spokesman in Brooklyn, where the alleged attack took place, said: "There was a dispute between them and the man was struck in the head and body with a blunt instrument."

Rhinehart - the mother of a child by Bonds - was charged with manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. "It was her shoe," claimed the police officer.

Bonds died from chest compression, head and neck injuries.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 10, 2003
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