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Lover's Lane for Clark.

THERE'S so much romance hovering around Sky One, you'd think it was Valentine's Day or something!

Even the Man of Steel finds it's not just Kryptonite which can bring him to his knees, when Clark Kent and Lois Lane (alias Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, right) declare undying love for each other in The New Adventures of Superman.

The Sky One fun begins at 9am, when Bart Simpson discovers that Principal Skinner and Mrs Krabappel are having an affair.

In Dream Team, Sean and Mica are celebrating their wedding, but an unexpected guest puts a damper on things.

Martial arts king Kwai Chang Caine gets a high-flying kick out of a stranger in Kung Fu.

Bart and Lisa get smitten by the love bug in later editions of The Simpsons, while Hank battles to keep his marriage secure in King of the Hill and Dick lusts after a new professor in 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Finally, in Forever Knight, vampire cop Nick meets the ghost of a former lover...

With grave consequences!

(Sky One, from 9am)

Bach to his roots: DESPITE a name which sounds as Scottish as haggis, Kyle MacLachlan is as American as blueberry pie...

Even though he claims to be a descendant of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Kyle, right, is certainly left facing the music in the movie Route 9, after he and his buddy Wade Williams stumble across the aftermath of a shootout.

No one is left alive but the two cops find a million dollars plus a vanload of drugs... and the temptation is too much.

Their small-town lives are pretty humdrum so, with no witnesses around, they grab the loot and head for the hills.

But pretty soon the larcenous lawmen find they are Number One suspects in a drugs probe.

MacLachlan, who appeared in the films Dune and Blue Velvet, won a Golden Globe for his role as Agent Cooper in the wacky TV series Twin Peaks.

But don't be too surprised if Kyle cuts his workload to spend more time at home with his fiance - supermodel Linda Evangelista!

(Sky Premier, 9.30pm)
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