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Love park fountain gap.

The Love Park fountain in Philly has been a proving ground for big-gap skaters for the past two decades. Choppy Omega's ollie japan in '93 was the inaugural blast, followed a few weeks later by Vinnie Ponte's straight ollie. A year later, Jamie Thomas frontside 180'd it and then the floodgates were opened: Kerry Getz kickflipped it, Pappalardo switch ollied it, Wenning switch back 180'd it and Reynolds flew to town to nail the frontside flip; Jeremy Wray screeched out a frontside 360 and Chris Cole batted a triple with the backside flip, backside 360 and switch frontside flip. More recently, Tom Asta, Mark Suciu, Trevor Colden and Ishod Wair have stepped up to the massive four-set to put down the unimaginable. The city of Philadelphia has announced that Love Park will be tom down and remodeled in the not-too-distant future. Who knows what type of insanity will happen as last-minute huckers show up to put their name on the Love list. Epic spots come and go but the Love Park fountain gap will always stand alone. GTWYC!

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Title Annotation:EPIC SPOTS
Author:Zaslavsky, Dan
Date:Mar 1, 2015
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