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MICK McCARTHY admits some people can't stand the sight of him.

He just hopes they're not Premier League chairmen or owners.

The former Millwall, Ireland, Sunderland and Wolves boss is out of work for the first time since he was 16, after being sacked by the Molinuex side in March.

He turned down the chance to take charge of Nottingham Forest last month, because he sees himself as a Premier League manager not a Championship one.

He was also enjoying some rare time in the family home in Bromley, Kent with his kids - an experience he rarely had in the years spent up north with Sunderland and Wolves.

He won't apply for any job, but knows that when the Premier League kicks off on August 18, he will experience a 'strange feeling'.

"I'll have itchy feet as soon as I start watching it. I'm going to think I should be doing it," he said.

"I'm already getting that feeling. But there's nothing I can do about that. Sadly, I'm one of those people waiting for someone to lose their job.

"I'm letting it roll at the minute, I'm not beating myself up over not having a job," McCarthy added.

"I was at first, thinking I've got to do something. But I didn't go for the interview at Forest because I want a job in the Premier League - that's the primary reason. And I think if you have any doubts about it, you shouldn't be doing it anyway.

"It wasn't the club, or the owners.. I spoke to them, they seemed great.

"There were lots of other reasons. The fact I was at home, I'd just gone there, I was enjoying that. And I want to get a Premier League job now.

"Whether that will come, I don't know, but I'm setting my sights there. That's where I think I should be.

"I might not be the choice (if a job comes up). People know who's out of work - Harry Redknapp is out of work. Everyone knows who's out of work.

"You can apply for all the jobs you want, but if they don't want you there's no point."

Just how would a Premier League chairman think of the no-nonsense former Ireland boss?

"I don't know. I don't know, favourably I'd hope," McCarthy smiled, " otherwise I don't get a job!

"They'd look at what I've done, in the game, as a manager, a coach. I'd hope they'd think that was good enough to give me a job at their club. Then personality comes into it, doesn't it? Some people look at me - to be fair, I get along with most people - they think I'm upstanding, decent and honest.

"Then there are some who can't stand the sight of me. I just hope they're not the 20 Premier League chairmen or owners!"

McCarthy was much loved at Wolves for most of his years there, but when they slipped into the relegation zone on goal difference earlier this year, it wasn't enough to save him from being dismissed.

His assistant Terry Connor took charge and Wolves were relegated without much of a fight.

The club didn't explain to McCarthy why they'd lost faith in him, but the manager didn't expect too much by way of explanation.

"It was ridiculous. We'd just dropped into the bottom three on goal difference and I got the sack. The rest is history.

"We had a few bad results, dropped into the bottom three and maybe they thought this was the year that we weren't going to get out. But I've no idea, you don't have those sort of conversations.

"When you leave, you don't say 'why did you make that decision?' Nobody gives you that. You don't ask.

"You just pack your bags and p*** off."


LOOKING GRIM McCarthy endured a tough end to his Wolves reign PARTING: McCarthy and Roy Keane (right) fell out in Korea RELEGATION BATTLE: McCarthy and assistant Terry Connor (left) both tried to keep Wolves in the Premier League last season
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Aug 5, 2012
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