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Love me, love my millions.

FROM TIME to time, we watch the Millionaire Matchmaker show on the Sony Channel, because it offers striking case studies on how money, money, money rules even affairs of the heart.

The long-running reality program hosted by Patti Stanger has really wealthy guys who are looking for real love securing the services of an experienced marriage broker or matchmaker (Stanger), to finally end up with a good and loyal wife who won't divorce and sue him for alimony six months after their honey-money-moon!

To fill the admittedly difficult bill, Stanger's staff looks for women who aren't gold diggers, have themselves played the field, and now also want to settle down.


The super-rich guy comes up with specifics about the women who turn him on, the show's search team fits its candidates to the client's specs, and a meeting is arranged for the guy to decide on the one to date-and see if she's a keeper.

To date, the show's vetting process has come up with some happy and permanent unions, which is why many rich guys make use of its services.

However, Millionaire Matchmaker has lost some of its cachet, due to the revelation that a few of its millionaires have been accused by women of beating them up, either physically and psychologically.

Talk about the dream of wealthy wedded bliss turning out to be more bashed than blessed! The reports have scared off some women and the show itself had lost its allure for some viewers.

More revealingly, they have shown that, for some men, wealth is psychologically equated with power, and even the permission to get what and whom they want, whenever they want them.

Sex object

Worse, it can fester into sexual domination, with the so-called love of their life actually being seen and treated, not as a human being, but as a sex object for their wealthy and thus powerful lovers' possessive proclivities!

What will happen to the show, as a result of its occasionally poor choice of clients? Whatever the outcome, it's a wake-up call for the witless women out there who still dream of living the lifelong lie-that equates love with money!

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:May 28, 2016
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