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Love and tenderness: sweet poetry for the child in all of us.

Honey Baby Sugar Child by Alice Faye Duncan Illustrated by Susan Keeter Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, January 2005 $15.95, ISBN 0-689-84678-9 Ages 3-6

This sweet, prose poem captures the delight and wonder of being a parent; and Keeter's illustrations capture those cherished and tender moments between mother and child like a visual embrace.

Here in Harlem: Poems in Many Voices by Walter Dean Myers Holiday House, Inc., October 2004 $16.95, ISBN 0-823-41853-7 Ages 12 and up

Inspired by Edgar Lee Masters's Spoon River Anthology, a renowned author "speaks" in 54 different voices, channeling everyone from jazz musicians to undertakers, all residents of his beloved Harlem.

This Little Light of Mine Written and Illustrated by E.B. Lewis Simon & Schuster, January 2005 $16.95, ISBN 0-689-83179-X All ages

The words of the beloved African American spiritual, brought warmly to life by E.B. Lewis's seasoned illustrations, follow the day of a line boy who brings his light everywhere he goes.


Hewitt Anderson's Great Big Life by Jerdine Nolen Illustrated by Kadir Nelson Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers/Paula Wiseman Books, January 2005 $16.95, ISBN 0-689-86866-9 Ages 5-8

A fanciful tale of young Hewitt Anderson, the apple of his parents' eye. Hewitt is everything they could want in a son, except that the child is very, very small. And his family descends from a long line of proud giants. Hewitt's size presents special challenges for the entire family. How will the tiny boy cope in his supersized world? It turns out that Hewitt's great big character is all he really needs.

Delightfully told by Nolen and gorgeously illustrated by Nelson, Hewitt Anderson's Great Big Life is a great read for both children and their parents.

Roy Makes a Car by Mary E. Lyons, illustrated by Terry Widener Atheneum Books for Young Readers/Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing January 2005, $16.95, ISBN 0-689-84640-1 Ages 4-8

Based on a story collected by Zora Neale Hurston, Roy Tyler, the best mechanic in town, decides to build an accident-proof car. What will he create in is magical garage? Set in Eatonville, Florida, Lyons's story is spunky and spirited and gets a big boost from Widener's bold, sunny illustrations.

Eddie's Ordeal by Kelly Starling Lyons Just Us Books, October 2004 $3.95, ISBN 0-940-97516-5 Young adult

Thirteen-year-old Eddie Delany struggles to please his highly demanding father. Why won't dad just lighten up? When Eddie's friends set out to discover why Mr. Delany is so hard on his son, they uncover a secret that changes everything.

The Real Slam Dunk by Charisse K. Richardson Illustrated by Kadir Nelson Puffin Books/Dial Books for Young Readers February 2005, $15.99, ISBN 0-803-73050-0 Ages 7 and up

Marcus Robinson is excited because his class field trip is to the Giants Practice Day. And he gets a chance to meet his hero--basketball star Jason Carter. And when Marcus gets his chance to meet Carter, he gets more than a lesson about basketball. He also learns that doing well in school is also important. The story is written in an accessible tone and the message of striving for achievement both on and off the court is a valuable one. The Real Slam Dunk was chosen for the NBA All-Star Read to Achieve Reading Program.

Growing Up in Slavery: Stories of Young Slaves As Told by Themselves Edited by Yuval Taylor Illustrations by Kathleen Judge Lawrence Hill Books, January 2005 $22.95, ISBN 1-556-52548-6 Ages 14 and up

Growing Up in Slavery presents young readers with intense, autobiographical stories of 10 slaves as they recall their early lives in bondage. Teens will gain a deeper understanding of slavery on a personal level through these heartrending recollections.

Grandma's General Store: The Ark by Dorothy Carter Pictures by Thomas B. Allen Frances Foster Books/Farrar, Straus & Giroux, March 2005, $16, ISBN 0-374-32766-1 Ages 7-10

In 1930s Jim Crow Florida, The Ark, a general store owned by a black woman, becomes a safe haven for her two grandchildren and others in town. Author Dorothy Carter's book is a tribute to her own grandmother, who owned The Ark, "A shelter from the storms of life." Thomas B. Allen's drawings appropriately capture the mood of that time.


The Lonely Little Blue Book by Gerome Meminger Sr. Illustrated by Toni M. Thorne Art by Gerome Publishing Co. November 2004, $14.99 ISBN 0-972-57901-X

The Little Blue Book lives in a library with his mother, a Red Book, and his father, a Yellow Book. He has just one story inside, however, and no one ever checks him out. After leaving the library to explore the world, he returns to the bookshelf and becomes a hit.

In the Small, Small Night by Jane Kurtz, pictures by Rachel Isadora Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins January 2005, $16.99, ISBN 0-066-23814-5

Now that little Abena and Kofi have moved to America, it takes grandma's stories of Africa to keep homesickness at bay.

Luke Goes to Bat by Rachel Isadora G.P. Putnam's Sons, February 2005 $15.99, ISBN 0-399-23604-X

A little boy dreams of the Dodgers and Ebbets Field in 1950s Brooklyn.

Has Anybody Lost a Glove? by G. Francis Johnson Illustrated by Dimitrea Tokunbo Boyds Mills Press, October 2004 $15.95, ISBN 1-590-78041-1

Jabari becomes a detective as he tries to find the rightful owner of a glove he found at a subway stop. The story tells of a young boy's determination, and the illustrations add life to the mystery.

Where's My Daddy? by Valerie Peterson-Owens Illustrated by Johnnie Martinez Jr. G.P. Very Positive Outlook, May 2004 $14.99, ISBN 0-975-91110-4

A book about fatherhood for the beginning reader. Written in English and Spanish.
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Title Annotation:Here in Harlem: Poems in Many Voices; Hewitt Anderson's Great Big Life by Jerdine Nolen; Honey Baby Sugar Child; Roy Makes a Car; The Lonely Little Blue Book
Author:Rust, Suzanne
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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