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Love affair between teacher and student ends in tragic murder and life imprisonment.

Chen Ming-feng, the son of Chen Wei-cheng, a former Chinese Taipei national baseball team coach, was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of civil rights yesterday for the murder of his teacher with whom he was romantically involved.

A statement issued by the Taichung District Court said the murder was a result of a financial dispute between Chen and his teacher.

The statement also said, "Since Chen has no prior criminal record, admitted to the crime, and has suffered emotional problems, the court handed him a life sentence."

According to investigators, the murder took place after Chen tried to break up with his teacher and she refused to be broken up with. The two then began fighting and the coach's son hit the teacher's head with a baseball bat and strangled her to death.

The murder took place in February of last year at Chen's house when he was 27 years old and a graduate student in the National Taiwan University Department of Sports.

The female teacher surnamed Cheng was initially his counselor. Chen first visited her for help recovering from his "emotional issues" in 2013. Shortly after the two became romantically involved, even addressing each other as "husband" and "wife" according to text messages they exchanged.

There are also reports that although Chen was sexually involved with his teacher, he initially blamed Cheng for forcing herself on him however their text messages reveal that Chen had sent messages professing sexual desire for his teacher.

Chen also took financial assistance from his teacher, who gave him NT$20,000 (US$675) every month for rent and other living expenses.

When Chen began to date another woman, he reportedly wanted to break up with Cheng. She refused and threatened to reveal that she had been financially supporting him.

After murdering her, Chen stole NT$7,400 cash from her purse and tried to get rid of her body in the isolated mountainous area of Nantou County.

The sentence given to Chen is the first ruling and can be further appealed in higher courts.

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Publication:Taiwan News (Taipei, Taiwan)
Date:Jan 17, 2018
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