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Love Poem.

Love Poem

   I love how we lay, a friendly stain
   on a broken bed.

   You keep your hand on my head.
   Pull me closer than my husband ever did.

   When you're not here, my fingers reinvent
   your tongue. Wet sheets, wet pants
   will dry. Oh, lovely impermanence.

   You never asked why, but I have no tattoo
   because touch is my tattoo.

   Flesh pulled from flesh hurts
   in all forms.

   In the pillow, the smell of you
   and my sheets are wet again.
   I've never tasted come
   so sweet. Soft as banana.

   Once my husband made me come
   so many times my hands I held
   behind my head cramped on the tent pillow,
   but I don't know if you want to know that.

   It may not be true.
   I might have been faking.
   There is nothing that rots
   like a marriage.

   But I'll tell you, and I imagine you know
   I'll keep this distance we insist but the other
   night when you held me
   because love is not enough,

   when you touched my body over and over again,
   when I asked like I do
   if we could make love
   and you said not tonight
   like you do,

   when you woke, sat up, and turned
   to look at me
   in a way you never have before,
   the morning light red
   through the curtain, I knew.

   Love is not enough

   there is no one
   only this distraction

   attraction I guess it's called. We have
   called it that.

   But let's not name-call.
   Let's keep on pretending it will never stop

   raining, that the heart once broken
   can never heal. Let's pretend misery has us
   lying like this,

   my whole body on yours, my lips on your lobe.
   We sleep like this, you realize, me on top of you
   and together we've dreamed of flying
   over the world refusing the something
   that can slide up into us

   ten thousand times and have it
   never be enough.
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Author:Bonczek, Michelle
Publication:James Dickey Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2014
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