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Love & Lust.



Darth Jadea


Jadea Kelly is one of the most innovative singer-songwriters in Canada today. A CBC Radio mainstay, she has just released her fourth album in eight years, Love & Lust, which pushes the roots and pop qualities of her songs.

Kelly has the perfect voice for '50s-style country. It's got a lilting quality with a subtle twang that can come and go as the song requires. Sounding like the love child of Patsy Cline and

Neko Case, Kelly possesses a vocal acuity that supports her songs, which combine familiar roots element music with contemporary rock instrumentation. With its orchestral arrangements and new music structures, Love and Lust offers exceptional production

Paired once again with Stew Crookes, the producer of her outstanding 2013 album, Lone Wolf, Kelly delivers another fantastic effort. The core themes of Love & Lust are heartbreak and infidelity--the stuff that tests the depth of our humanity and the limits of our compassion. Raw, sincere lyrics perfectly illustrate the power of lust while exploring the boundaries of human frailty and vulnerability. The album's 13 songs (whittled down from an initial crop of 65) skilfully build the arc of reconciling a painful breakup, from the initial impact to eventual acceptance

It's a melodic masterpiece that goes to some pretty dark places. In fact, the first two songs, "Make it Easy and On The Water," suggest drowning to ease the pain. Not particularly cheery lyrics, but provocative in their honesty. Love & Lust is a lushly produced album that's the perfect soundtrack for any romantic disaster.


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Author:Filipenko, Cindy
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:Sep 22, 2016
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