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Louis Glunz donates pallets of Schlitz 1960s formula to U.S troops.


The Schlitz brand and Chicago-area wholesaler Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. recently donated four pallets of the brewery's "Classic 1960s Formula" lager beer for delivery to U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to enjoy as they watched the Super Bowl. The donation was coordinated by Pizzas 4 Patriots, which worked closely with the U.S. Centcom commander General Petraeus and his staff to allow first-time delivery of beer to U.S. bases via DHL, in time for the game, along with 2,000 Lou Malnati's pizzas. The military makes televisions available for troops serving all over the world to watch the Super Bowl each year, but getting beer and pizza out to the units has been more of a challenge. Jack Glunz, president of Louis Glunz Beer, Inc., (pictured above) and his company's employees, most notably including WWII Veteran, Mac Harvey, VP of Marketing, signed their well wishes to our service men and women on oversized thank you cards that accompanied the special delivery. Local Chicago media covered the good news story which, in turn, was picked-up nationwide, resulting in 400 TV placements at last count. Mr. Glunz noted that Schlitz has a long history of providing beer to the troops. In 1898, three days after Dewey took Manila, one bottle of Schlitz Beer was distributed to the crews on all U.S. battleships; and, during WWII, every fourth bottle of Schlitz Beer produced by the brewery went overseas to the troops.
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Date:Feb 9, 2009
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