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Louis Auchincloss; OBITUARY.

LOUIS AUCHINCLOSS was a New York lawyer and author whose novels chronicled the lives, careers and characters of the patrician families in the exclusive enclaves of America's eastern seaboard.

It was the world into which he had been born and inhabited all his life: that of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant graduates of the Ivy League universities who made up New York society and the upper echelons of the banking and legal establishment.

It was a world of which his relative, Gore Vidal, wrote: "It is thought to be irrelevant, a faded and fading genteel-Gentile enclave when, in actual fact, this little world comprises the altogether too-vigorous and selfrenewing ruling class of the United States."

Auchincloss was born on Long Island, the son of a Wall Street lawyer. He was educated at the private school Groton, where he was "naturally unpopular".

He then went to Yale and the University of Virginia law school. He was admitted to the bar in 1941 and joined the Wall Street firm Sullivan and Cromwell. During the Second World War he served in naval intelligence in Panama, London and in the Normandy invasion before being posted to the Pacific.

On returning to Sullivan and Cromwell, he dug out a novel he had begun aboard ship coming home, and completed it at night after work. In 1947, it appeared as The Indifferent Children (under the nom de plume, Andrew Lee).

It was not long, however, before Auchincloss was selling short stories under his own name. In 1952, he published Sybil, the story of a failed marriage, followed two years later by A Law for the Lion. Further novels included The House of Five Talents (1960), Portrait in Brownstone (1962) and East Side Story (2004), family sagas amid inherited wealth in Manhattan.

In all, Auchincloss published 30 novels and 17 volumes of short stories. His non-fiction included biographies of Richelieu (1972) and Theodore Roosevelt (2002). His final novel, Last of the Old Guard, came out in 2008.

Louis Auchincloss married Adele Lawrence, who died in 1991. They had three sons.

Louis Auchincloss, author and lawyer; born, September 27, 1917, died, January 26, 2010
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Date:Feb 3, 2010
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