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Loud aircraft noise may be health risk.

Loud aircraft noise may be health risk

Being exposed to aircraft noise over long periods of time may increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart flutter and stroke, a new study finds.

Published in June in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the study is based on data from 420 people living near Athens International Airport in Greece, where up to 600 planes take off or land daily.

About half of study participants were exposed to more than 55 decibels of daytime aircraft noise and about 27 percent were exposed to more than 45 decibels of nightly aircraft noise. From 2004-2006 to 2013, 71 people were diagnosed with high blood pressure and 44 with a heart flutter.

In particular, researchers found that nighttime exposure to aircraft noise seemed to be associated with high blood pressure. In fact, every additional 10 decibels of nighttime aircraft noise was associated with a 69 percent heightened risk of high blood pressure.

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Title Annotation:HEALTH FINDINGS: The latest public health studies and research
Author:Krisberg, Kim
Publication:The Nation's Health
Date:Sep 1, 2017
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